Shai. 17. Peace.

life is weird. i try to make the best of it

i’m starting to get the hang of taking care of my body and i feel great.

so far this summer i’ve gone on two very long trips with the best parts of my family, found a path to follow for the next year or two, reconnected with two of the greatest friends i’ve ever had and met some really really cool people through them, partied very hard, and had a lot of fun.

i’ve also dealt with a lot drama, found out some really messed up shit about my family and my life, fought with old demons that seem to never go away completely, and forced myself to get up out of my bed almost every single day and deal with this crazy world.

overall i’m a lot happier now than i was four months ago. the battles are getting harder and harder, but i am getting stronger and stronger and stronger.

Matti Braun

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i’ve been really sick for four days now but i’ll die before i stay home and accept it.



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